About Guardian Gas

Guardian Gas has a long and proud tradition of supplying beverage gases to all areas of the licensed trade allowing you to dispense beers, stouts, lagers, ciders and post mix in their optimum condition. Guardian Gas supply all forms of mixed cellar gas to companies from national chains right through to individual site operators.

In order to guarantee that your customers receive a consistent, perfect pint, all of our cellar gases receive stringent quality checks all the way through their production cycle. In order to further maintain the integrity of our products, we also ensure that the quality and condition of our cylinders is constantly monitored.

To provide consistent high quality products and customer piece of mind, we ensure that high quality safety standards are applied right throughout the Guardian Gas Group, this means that you can be assured that the gas you use for your dispense requirements comes from an accredited source that will meet your customers expectations every time.

We take great pride at Guardian Gas in the fact that we haven’t forgotten our roots, whilst we now supply large automotive manufacturers with huge automated assembly lines, we still also supply the small sole traders who first helped our business to become established. We strive to provide all of our customers with versatile and high quality products, consumables and equipment to deliver cost-effective and flexible solutions. Whether you are a multi-national company who require regular commercial deliveries or you’re a one man band who requires some bottled gas for his workshop heater, Guardian Gas will deliver, on time, every time.

We offer a wide range of high performance and industry standard gases. These are available in a wide range of cylinders to meet all of your cellar gas, propane, heating, helium and welding needs.

The Guardian Gas group are a market leader in the supply of all forms of bottled gas and we have depots ready to deliver at your convenience, throughout the UK.