Guardian Gas - Storage

1) Containers should be stored in a well-ventilated area. Some gases will require a purpose built area.

2) Store containers in a location free from fire risk and away from sources of heat and ignition.

3) Designation as a 'No Smoking Area' is recommended and is essential if flammable, toxic or
    oxidising gases are     stored.

4) The storage area should be kept clear and access should be restricted to authorised persons only.
    The area should be clearly marked as a store and appropriate hazard warning signs displayed
    (flammable, toxic, radioactive etc).

5) Containers in storage should be properly secured to prevent toppling or rolling. Vertical storage is
    recommended where the container is designed for this.

6) Container valves should be tightly closed and, where appropriate, valve outlets should be capped,
    plugged or shrink wrapped.

7) Container valve protection guard or cap should be in place and properly secured. Protect containers
    stored in the open against rusting and extremes of weather.

8) Containers should not be stored in conditions likely to encourage corrosion. Store full and empty
    containers separately and arrange full containers so that the oldest stock is used first.

9) Gas containers should be segregated in the storage area according to the various categories (toxic,
    flammable, oxidant etc).

10) The amounts of flammable or toxic gases in storage should be kept to a minimum. Flammable
      gases should be stored away from other combustible materials.

11) Containers held in storage should be periodically checked for general condition and leakage.

12) Emergency phone number: 01656 72 92 92